Why join a church?
When we become followers of Christ,
God makes us part of his larger family.
As a family member, you receive privileges:
fellowship, inspiring worship, and spiritual growth.
God also asks you to be responsible:
by giving, serving, and participating in the 
life of a local church as well.
How do I become a member?
Please call our church office to meet with 
Pastor Michael to discuss your desire to become a member.  
Our members join by baptism or transfer of membership.
After meeting with Pastor Michael you will be presented
for membership during the Sunday morning Worship Service.
What does it mean to be a member of Mount Moriah?
We have professed faith in Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord. 
We have demonstrated this faith through baptism. 
We share a common dedication to Christ and His Kingdom.
We are committed to the precepts set forth in our Membership Covenant
and our Affirmation of Faith.  
Commit to be present.
Make worship attendance a priority each week.
Participate in worship through your giving, your prayer,
and the sharing of your time and talent.
The life of faith is meant to be lived in a community with others.
Small groups ensure that you’ll be known and loved.
Commit to deepen relationships with God and others 
by participating in a Bible study group.
God has equipped you to serve the Body of Christ.
You will be most fulfilled when you are doing what He’s created you to do. 
Commit to seek out the unique place God has created for you
to serve at Mount Moriah. 
This church operates through the ongoing generosity of believers.
As a member, you are encouraged to share in the financial responsibilities of the church
through offerings and giving to missions.