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Study Groups

Sunday Mornings

Sunday School meets every Sunday morning from 9:45 until 10:45. Please join us!

Teachers: Kelli Garner and Daniel Carson
Room 163
Curriculum: The Wired Word
A class dedicated to the study of God's Word and to developing strong Christian relationships. Our goal is to provide a Biblical foundation for raising godly children in a loving Christian household built on the truth of Christ. We believe marriage is a lifelong commitment and are committed to maintaining a godly marriage.

Teachers: Dean Isaacs
Room 162
Curriculum: Group Bible Study
A class of men and women of various ages-thirty-something to sixty-something! We are a big family, caring deeply for each other and praying for each other. We believe in being involved in church activities and welcome all who would like to join our family.

Teachers: Janice Privette and Charles Barnes
Room on left side of Sanctuary
Curriculum: Lifeway Words(Lifeway)
We are always serving and being prayerfully concerned for all the sick and shut ins. Our mission focus is to help serve our Lord and other people.

Teachers: Ruby Knowles
Room 142
Curriculum: Life Ventures (Lifeway)
A class of “friendly couples” composed of young seniors, 50 years and older. You don't have to be a couple to be at home in our class. We like fellowship and seek to serve the body of God through individual contact.

Teacher: Amy Storms
Room 152
Curriculum: Life Values (Lifeway)
We are a 25-50-something group with children ranging from birth to college age, so everyone is welcome. We believe in studying God's Word, as it is the guide for our lives.

Teachers: Pat Jenkins and Gene Clemmons
Room 156
Curriculum: Life Ventures (Lifeway)
A “mature loving” class composed of 55 year olds and older. We study the Bible each week and are a praying class. We enjoy helping with missions and reaching out to those in area rest homes

Teacher: Warren Stuart
Room 154
Curriculum: Books of the Bible
We take an in-depth approach to Biblical study and journey through various books of the Bible. All visitors are welcome!

Teachers: Dyke Starnes and Milton Kraft
Room 144
Curriculum: Group Bible Study
We are a class varied in age and background. We use various Bible study guides to deepen our love relationship with Christ.

Teachers: Jayne Warzywak, Ginnie Beth Robinson, and Wanda Cooper
Room 141
Curriculum: Lecture Series
We are a close group varying in age. We are presently exploring how to study God's Word with life changing applications. Our teachers lead us in discussion and provide biblical principles.

Teachers: Gary Jewell and Shirley Holland
Room 148
Curriculum: Life Ventures (Lifeway)
We are a lively group with weekly Biblical lessons and times of prayer and fellowship. All visitors are welcome to join us!

Teachers: Sandy Mills and Carolyn Clark
Room 150
Curriculum: Relying on the Holy Spirit by Dr. Charles Stanley
We are a Bible study group of women over age 30. Do you desire a closer relationship with God through the power of the Holy Spirit in your life? Join us as we apply Dr. Stanley's principles to our lives and share in the fellowship of Christian women.

Teacher: Rebecca Edwards
Room: 161
Curriculum: Group Bible Study
We are a group of young married couples (or couples preparing to be married) who are studying the Bible in a hope to learn who God is and to learn how to have a relationship with Him.

Teachers: James and Julie Bullock
ROOM 149
Curriculum: Lifeway Bible Studies for Life - Young Adults
We welcome college students and young adults starting their careers who want to share how God is working in their lives.

Youth Ministries

In addition to nursery, preschool, and grade-school classes, the following student classes are available.

Teachers: Brad and Alena Cook
Room: Youth Center - Room 214
Curriculum: Lifeway Bible Study for Life
Designed specifically for preteens with topics that our students wrestle with in everyday life, presented from a Biblical foundation. This class is interactive and is a great place to learn the basics of Christianity.

Teacher: Greg and Lucy Norris
Room: Youth Center - Room 212
Curriculum: Lifeway Bible Study for Life
We'll apply God's word to your student's life in middle school. We'll cover a variety of topics related to the Bible. Your student will be able to participate as little or as much as he/she wants.

Teacher: Brenda and Jerry Tannery
Room: Youth Center - Room 212
Curriculum: Lifeway Bible Study for Life
We'll apply God's word to your student's life in high school. We'll cover a variety of topics related to the Bible. Your student will be able to participate as little or as much as he or she wants.

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