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Values of Children's Ministries

    dove Children are a gift from God.  We begin ministry with children with a vision of helping bring them to fulfillment of God's design for them - a design glimpsed in early childhood.

    dove Children are open to God. Young children are capable of religious experience.

    dove Jesus placed a high value on children. Jesus attributed faith and belief to the children who played in His presence and found themselves in His stories. "Let the children come to me, for such is the kingdom of heaven"

    dove Children learn about God's love on a personal level through relationships with their caregivers and teachers in the fellowship of the church.

    dove The early years set the tone for lifelong values. Life's earliest experiences profoundly shape life.

    dove Early consistent exposure in a warm, Christian nurture environment helps children respond personally to Christ's call to salvation.

    Taken from Childhood Education in the Church - pp. 11-19, Moody Press, 1986, Edited by Robert E. Clark, Joanne Brubaker, Roy B. Zuck. Used with permission.

    Children and Worship

    We believe that all children are an important part of the worshipping community. Children older than kindergarten stay with their parents in worship. To enhance their worship experience, materials are provided that correspond with the scripture, theme or message of the day. Coloring and activity sheets, booklets and crayons are located on the visitor table in the foyer at the back of the sanctuary.

    For help in preparing your child for worship, the pamphlet "Children & Worship" is also available in the back of the sanctuary or Click to download the p.d.f. filefor download as a pdf file.

    Preschool Worship

    Preschool childPreschool worship is provided for children ages 2 through kindergarten. The children attend the first part of the worship service in the sanctuary with their parents until after the children's message; then they are dismissed to the children's building for their worship time.

    Two and three year olds
    Extended teaching is used for children ages 2 and 3; this is an extension of the day's Sunday school lesson and includes additional age appropriate activities.
    Worship Kidstyle Four and five year olds, kindergarten
    Lifeway's Worship KidStyle is used for children ages 4 through kindergarten and uses music, Bible story lessons and activities, and interactive games to emphasize Bible verses and truths for the day. The curriculum also follows the same Bible story used during the Sunday school hour.

    If you would like more information about our ministries to children from birth through fifth grade, please contact Susan Wells, Children's Minister, using our Click for the contact us pagecontacts webpage.